Lifestyle Family Photography

Capture the essence of your family’s unique personality and story through a fun and natural lifestyle photography session. We believe it’s not just about achieving perfect smiles and poses, but also about creating meaningful memories that reflect your family’s dynamics.

So go ahead and have a good time with your loved ones! Play, run, and even waltz together, while we capture those spontaneous, candid moments that truly represent who you are. The result? Stunning images that showcase your family’s joy, love, and individuality.

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Lifestyle Family



· Approx. 1.5 hrs session
· 1 Location
· Maximum 3 family members

· All hi-res images returned with basic retouch

Parents kissing baby in outdoor photoshoot


· $50 additional per pax
· $60 additional for public holidays
· Delivery of soft copy images: 14 – 18 working days
· Delivery of albums (if applicable): 21 – 30 working days
· Meadow Lullabies does not give out RAW files and unretouched images
· Photos taken may be used for our social media/ website as portfolio materials


What clients say about Meadow Lullabies

We had a wonderful experience of a family outdoor photoshoot with James. He is very skilled, captures natural and genuine moments of us with our 4-year-old. Highly recommended!

– Christine Cheung

Really like his photography style. The outdoor shots taken are really nice. James is very friendly and professional. So glad i choose him to do my family photoshot. Will definately engage him again.

– Michelle Chen

It was a our first family photo shoot and we are so glad to have had James capture the beautiful moments. James was very patient with our little one and we were all very comfortable in front of the camera. We love the beautiful natural lighting and candid moments he captured in the photos. Thank u James!

– Sophia Huang

Highly recommended! James is patient with my 7 months old daughter and he is willing to go the extra mile for you. He is one of the photographers in Singapore that has a personal touch. Also, he is responsive to queries!

– Rachel Sim

We did a family outdoor shooting with James. The session was very relaxing and those images turn out to be super natural and warm. We love it! Thanks James for capturing those moments!

– Li Shan

James is the most sincere photographer I’ve met. He takes pride in his work and does his best to capture the best pictures of my family. He delivered the photos fast and we are extremely pleased with them. Nothing but praises for James! Thank you for capturing such good photos of our baby. They will be dearly treasured.

– Valene Hu

James was extremely patient during the photoshoot, especially since my daughter was not in the best of moods that say. He was also very flexible and accommodating. Thanks for the photos and the photo book!

– Daffodil Koh


Where do you recommend our family photography session to take place?

Any nature park such as Botanical gardens or even that nice patch of grass field surrounded by tall trees near your home works. Kids are also more likely to have fun as they freely roam about in a non-restrictive environment and I am sure you will want those moments captured in your photos.

What will my outdoor session be like?

I usually suggest my clients to plan some activities so that they can have fun and interact with their kids in an authentic way during the session. For me to produce quality images, it will be great if you are spontaneous and go with the flow.
I prefer keeping things real, while I will direct a few poses for portraits oriented shots, the session centers around the interactions between family members with me adopting a photojournalistic approach snapping to my heart’s content without precise direction. During the session, I may talk and play with your kid(s) a bit. They will prance around, throw a fit or just be nonchalant, but you can be sure that moments of such will all be captured and you’ll never know they might just become your favorite photos.

Is my kid too young to be photographed outdoor?

The youngest kid I have photographed is around 10 months old in an outdoor setting. As you would expect, your child will likely to be all over the place while they curiously explore their surroundings and these are exactly what we want to document. After all, at this age, they aren’t supposed to sit still and face the camera all day long!

You may view some of my works here.

What type of outfit should I put on?

Simple and casual clothing that you’re comfortable in. ‘Earthy’ colors such as brown, khaki, beige, white, light pink works best against nature settings. Plain white top and denim jeans are a popular choice too. Try to avoid apparels with heavy patterns or design prints; lesser distracting elements means more focus on just you and your family.

Why take it outdoors?

You can have the most elaborate indoor lighting setup but in my opinion, nothing really quite beat a backdrop of lush greeneries embraced by natural light. Your kid(s) will more likely enjoy being in outdoors too. Ultimately, what you can’t replicate in an indoor environment are the interactions you have with them in an outdoor setting.

What should I prepare for the shoot?

Here are some items to consider:

  1. some toys (preferably one that moves and generates sound/ music) to serve as ‘baits’ for your kid(s)
  2. extra clothing helps too in the event of humid or rainy
  3. some snacks and lots of fluids
  4. not an item but nevertheless, the most important thing in the list – A happy, light-hearted and playful mood. 🙂

A brown fabric mat, wet wipes and portable fans will be provided.

Can I bring my pets along?

Yes! Pets are certainly welcome, although you may want to limit to 2 pets for larger breeds.

Is there a prime age for kids to be photographed in your lifestyle session?

Having photographed children of various ages from toddlers to teenagers,  I find that kids below 10 years old are the best fits for the lifestyle shoot due to their active and playful demeanor; they usually don’t hold back when it comes to enjoying themselves making them great subjects for photography!

Are multiple families suited for your lifestyle shoot?

Designed for individual families, the lifestyle photo shoot works best when the focus is placed on a single household. Multiple families require a significantly more amount of session time and inevitably a slight change of approach.

What is the best timing for the shoot?

The preferred timings should either be in the morning ending before 9:30 am where you’ll be embraced by the beautiful sunrays while avoiding the harsh sunlight or in the evening around 5 pm for the gorgeous golden sunset hour.

Other studios require purchasing of hi-res digital copies separately, why does your package include that many retouched hi-res digital soft copies?

By consistently seeking ways to streamline our work process and resources without compromising on quality, we are able to fork up more time for each assignment.  It’s not just about saving our clients some cost but more importantly to avoid good photos going to waste if they weren’t being selected for cost reasons.

What is the plan for bad weather?

For outdoor sessions, the shoot shall be rescheduled unless both parties are fine with shifting it to another timing within the same day. If it rains in the middle of the session, we will cease the shoot and seek shelter then wait for the rain to stop before continuing.