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Inspired by the elegance of countryside charm, neutral tone fabrics and wooden hand-made props are specially hand-picked to give your little bundle of joy a timeless look.

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Welcome to Newborn Photography

Welcome to Meadow Lullabies newborn photography, where we believe that capturing the pure essence of your precious newborn is an art that requires both time and skill. From the tender moments to the tiniest details, we go all out to ensure every pose is thoughtfully crafted.

Understanding that patience and expertise are key to achieving the best results. We take the time to gently pose your baby, creating a comfortable and safe environment, while paying meticulous attention to every angle and expression.
With a keen eye for aesthetics and an understanding of the delicacy of newborns, we strive to create artful portraits that truly capture the essence of your little bundle of joy that will become cherished memories for a lifetime. Join us in this journey of preserving the most beautiful moments of your baby’s early days, and let us craft a collection of images that will warm your heart for years to come.

Newborn Photography Singapore newborn baby with flowers in rustic wooden basket


Scrunching our little model into a picture-worthy pose is just the first step; the true artistry lies in bringing the images to life with a sense of volume. This requires a delicate finesse, ensuring that light cascades perfectly onto your baby’s skin, illuminating it with a soft glow

Newborn Photography Singapore newborn baby with flowers in rustic tassel basket

A delicate touch

We have a deep appreciation for the subtleties of skin textures and details. To ensure authenticity in our photographs, we steer clear from using generic smoothening effects to the entire image or large areas that could obliterate those unique features and create a overly perfect and artificial look. Instead, we employ various retouching techniques, carefully adjusting the intensity, to target specific spots in the image. This approach allows us to soften visible blemishes and even out skin tones while preserving the precious and delicate texture of your newborn’s skin. It can be a time-consuming process that demands precision, with a single picture sometimes requiring more than an hour of dedicated work.

Lovely parents holding baby

Develop large prints with quality, anytime.

Planning to showcase your memories in grand style for your new home? Rest assured, we provide you with canvas-ready, full-resolution images that enable you to enlarge prints up to an impressive 70cm x 95cm without compromising on quality. Whether you choose to develop your prints through us or elsewhere, we’re delighted to see your cherished pictures being put to good use!


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What clients say about Meadow Lullabies

James was excellent! I had a particular type of photography style in mind, which was very similar to his portfolio. After looking around, decided to engage James and we were super glad we did! From even before the shoot, he spoke to us to ask what kind of photos we liked and what we had in mind. During the shoot he was professional, and importantly, knew how to soothe a crying baby (we were especially grateful as new parents to a 9 day old baby). He had fresh ideas of unique color schemes and the various baby poses. The place is a nice, cosy setting with a lot of rustic props to choose from. You also have the option of taking nice family photos after. The results were gorgeous and definitely worth the price. We used the photos for our 1st month celebration and they currently adorn our walls. They’re lovely to look at after a long day and I’m glad we decided to capture those precious moments through Meadow Lullabies Photography.

– Cassandra Leong

We made the decision to choose James to shoot our newborn, cause of the rustic vibes from his work. Definitely something you don’t get commonly from the majority newborn photoshoot. On the day of the photoshoot, I’m indeed impressed with the way he handled our baby, he’s definitely a baby whisperer! And when it comes to what he does, he’s professional and passionate. Not forgetting that he’s meticulous when it comes to positioning the baby and the props just to get the perfect shot! Love every single photo that was taken for my newborn. Highly recommend him, if you’re looking for a newborn photographer!

– Denise C

James is very professional. Prior the photoshoot, he manages expectations by prepping us with the necessities to bring along to soothe the baby. Also, he informed us in advance of the estimated duration of the photoshoot.

James is also very detail orientated and hospitable. At the start of the photoshoot, he offered us with drinks and snacks. He was also able to handle the baby very well. Throughout the photoshoot, he was very patient and gentle, and this gave us a peace of mind. As some of the sets requires lesser clothings, we noticed that he also turned on the heater so that baby would not catch a cold. He also facilitated the photoshoot with calming music and would adjust the air-conditioning accordingly.

After the photoshoot, James also followed up closely on when we would receive the photos. He was also very prompt with his services and would deliver as promised. We were very happy with the final retouched photos – both basic and full retouch. Above that, he was able to edit to our additional
requests which portrays his flexibility in his work.

Overall, if you are headed towards a good newborn photoshoot – I would definitely recommend James from Meadow Lullabies for his professionalism, flexibility and hospitality.

– Yee Vonn Soh

We engaged James for a newborn photography session at our place. He is very patient and gentle with our newborn and we can tell he enjoys taking pictures of babies. We also took some family pictures, including my toddler. While it is difficult to sustain the short attention span of a toddler and getting everyone to be camera ready, James managed to adjust the lightings and took several good shots, and enhanced it further with some magical touch ups. Upon my requests, he also helped to do basic touch ups to make my hospital bruise disappear! He is friendly, patient and responsive to queries. We are very happy with all the pictures and would highly recommend James.

– Bryna Ang

James is an experience newborn photographer who specializes in rustic baby photo shoot. He has all the props required to nail that perfect shot. We were impressed by his patience and eye for details. He would not rush through a shot but take his time to compose and shoot. You could see quality in all the photos. It was certainly worth every cent to engage his services. Those memories captured will last a lifetime. No delays in terms of producing the photos. Highly recommended.

– Charlene Tham

Chanced upon Meadow Lullabies photography on Instagram and decided to engage its services for my son’s newborn photography.Was really impressed by James’s professionalism, patience and also his hospitality. He is someone who definitely takes pride in what he is doing! A very passionate newborn photographer who always ensure he takes good quality pictures!
I would definitely recommend him to my friends. Thank you James for the great experience and keep up the good work

– Jasmine lim


Time frame & session duration

What is the ideal time frame for a newborn photoshoot?

The optimal period will be between 7-12 days from your delivery date where they are at their most sleepy stage, after 2 weeks, the poses will be difficult to accomplish. Newborn child varies in sizes and to be on the safe side, it is recommended to have the shoot before the 10th day to ensure that the props/ crates are fittable.

It is also advisable to book your session as early as 6 months before your EDD as we run the risk of not being able to reserve a slot within the ideal shooting window period.

How long will the session be and what can I expect during the session?

Depending on which package is selected, my session typically takes anywhere from 3-5 hours . That includes the time for nursing, pacifying, changing diapers, posing, and shooting. Since your newborn may fuss, poop and pee, several reattempts may be required to pose them. Do expect the duration to stretch depending on how settled our little model is.

How long does each pose take?

My objective is to capture your baby in the most flattering angle/posture to my best effort and that means I could be more particular over the positioning of your baby’s head, body, arms right down to those little fingers. In a perfect scenario, each pose can be completed within minutes if our sleepy little model gives us their full cooperation but more than often, they tend to fidget or fuss especially for naked poses, hence multiple retries which involve feeding/nursing/pacifying/changing diapers in between may be required. A single pose can take up to 45 mins to even an hour to complete as such.

Session approach

Are the newborn props & outfits provided?

Yes, all props, swaddle/outfits and backdrops are provided. Feel free to discuss with me should you wish to have your newborn don on an outfit(s) of your own.

What type of props/ outfits do you use?

The props/ outfits that I use are primarily neutral-toned vintage/ rustic style. Various crates and buckets as well as a posing beanbag cushion will be used to pose your newborn. Should you have a suggestion for props usage, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!

How can we (parents) assist with the shoot?

Some involvement will be required from either parents or nanny for some poses. But not to worry, it’s nothing too difficult though, mostly watching over your baby while I am shooting or simply holding their limbs in position to prevent them from kicking out of the pose before I shoot.

My baby fusses or won't go to sleep during the session

It is very normal for a baby to become unsettled during a newborn session. Babies typically like to sleep and be cuddled.
During a newborn session, we inevitably have to move and adjust your baby safely to pose them. While this means that we can capture gorgeous photos, it also means that we unsettle your baby when they are trying to sleep.
As much as we want beautiful pictures of your newborn, your baby’s sleep is as important.

Here are a few tips on making sure your baby is sleepy for the session.

Before the session

  • Try to time a feed just before you leave or on arrival at my home. Feeding and burping them right before the session helps your baby to be sleepy and happy!
  • If you are breastfeeding, it may help to avoid consuming spicy/ acidic foods or beverages containing caffeine 48 hours prior to your session, as this could make your baby unsettled.
  • Dress your baby in a simple loose sleeper that doesn’t have to be lifted off over the head so we can undress them without too much disturbance, just in case baby is sleeping soundly on arrival. If your baby is awake when you arrive, it is best to undress them first, loosen the nappy and then wrap them in a blanket before that extra top up. Otherwise your baby may get upset at being undressed when they are all nice and cozy.

During the session

  • Not all breast milk is the same: it can vary in levels of proteins, fats, sugars, hormones and other components. Factors such as individual physiques, emotions and lifestyle contribute to the development of breastmilk. Thus, it will be good to keep options open for the best of your baby.
    Sometimes your child may not be getting enough from breast milk especially during the initial phase, this may cause them to become unsettled and cranky during poses. A good way will be to supplement the feed with formula after you breast feed them. Specifically for newborn photography, we recommend bottle feeding as it helps us to monitor your newborn’s consumption, thus ensuring they are adequately fed.
  • Some parents, including myself, can be quite hesitant to introduce pacifier to our babies because of various reasons such as fear of addiction, interference with breastfeeding etc. However in my experience they can really come in handy without any long term effects on the baby and feeding.
    • using a pacifier for a few hours in a newborn session will NOT make them addicted.
    • we will only use a pacifier if the baby is well fed and just needs a bit of comfort. We will never use it to suppress hunger cries.
    • as soon as baby is calm and ready to be posed and photographed, we will pull out the pacifier.

P.S. We will respect every decision you as the parent make and will never enforce or persuade you into doing something you’re not comfortable with.

What type of poses are there?

Here’s a list of poses:

· Side Sleeper (body lying sideways with both palms under the side of the face on the posing beanbag)
· Tushy Up (lying on their stomach with their bum thrust up)
· Taco (positioned with their legs tucked comfortably underneath their body on the posing bag. The head and hand are then placed across the legs)
· Chin on Hands (lying on their stomach, facing front with chin on both hands)
· Potato Sack (cocoon-like swaddle wrapped, sitting upright on the posing beanbag)
· Close-ups (Close-up shots on areas such as the fingers, eyes, mouth etc..)
· Props (Various wrap styles and poses inside crates & buckets)
· Organic poses
· Individual family member with baby
· Entire family

It may seem like all babies are a sleepy bunch that will easily adopt any pose but in reality, no two babies are the same and while some babies easily soothe themselves into certain poses, others may outright protest. Safety and comfort are of our utmost priority and we will not force your baby into positions they aren’t comfortable with and will swap it with another pose.

Please inform on any medical condition of your baby such as physical injuries or respiratory infections etc.

The number of poses depends on the package selected. Contact us to enquire more about our newborn photo shoot packages.

Are the setups prepared in advance?

Just like rehearsing for a performance, time and effort are spent on preplanning and styling of each setup before your arrival; from the selection of prop to how fabrics are draped in order to consistently achieve high standards in our image quality.

Your inputs and preferences are welcome too!

Does my newborn need a pacifier during the shoot?

A pacifier can certainly help your baby (and give parents some sanity!), but even if parents do not want to keep continuing using it on a daily basis, it could be a lifesaver for an hour or two during the shoot.

Can I nurse/ feed my baby between shoots?

Yes definitely, you may nurse/ feed your baby at any stage of the shoot. Babies usually feel drowsy after each feed which actually helps with the shoot.


Are the poses safe for my baby?

Newborn Photography Singapore froggy pose

It may seem like all babies are a sleepy bunch that will easily adopt any pose but in reality, no two babies are the same and while some babies easily soothe themselves into certain poses, others may outright protest. Safety and comfort are of our utmost priority and we will not force your baby into positions they aren’t comfortable with and will swap it with another pose.

Certain poses for instance ‘The Froggy’ may look unsafe but rest assured that these pictures are either achieved with composite techniques (digitally fusing two or more pictures with the hand supporting different parts of the body) or a spotter to watch after the baby during the shoot.

Please inform on any medical condition of your baby such as physical injuries or respiratory infections etc.

The number of poses depends on the package selected. Contact us to enquire more about our newborn photoshoot packages.

Are the swaddles/ fabrics cleaned before each use?

All swaddles/ fabrics are washed with baby-friendly detergent before each shoot.

Will you sanitize your hands before handling my newborn?

Yes, I will be using a medical approved hand sanitizer before handling your baby.

Preparation/ Misc

How do I book a session?

Upon confirmation, a deposit amount of $180 will be required to secure a session. Since your delivery date is a variable unless it’s a planned caesarean (C-Section), I will be using your EDD (Estimated date of delivery) for soft booking. A day before or on your actual delivery day, simply send me a text message so that I can arrange a slot for you. A definite session date can be pre-arrange for planned caesarean delivery.

What do I need to prepare?

Please prepare the following for the photography session:

· Pacifier. This is optional yet also an important item during a session, a pacifier may come in handy for soothing babies when they fuss during poses. I understand many parents nowadays don’t introduce pacifiers but it can be quite useful to calm a baby down when they fuss during the poses. What we also want to minimize is them swallowing too much air when they cry excessively, that causes stomach wind which in turn makes them cry even more and lose sleep.
I will only use it to calm your baby down and remove when your baby is settled so don’t worry about addiction. 🙂
· Ideally, try to time your feed such that the next interval feed will be right before the shoot. That will help ensure that your baby is comfortable and less fussy during the session. They are more likely to fall asleep or be in a relaxed state, which can make for some beautiful, dreamy newborn photos.
· 4-5 doses of milk formula (you may nurse your baby too)
· 5 pairs of diapers for your baby.

Here are some of the amenities available:

· Baby wet wipes
· Changing pad
· Electric bottle warmer
· Electric steam bottle sterilizer
· Nursing Cover
· Newborn Bathtub
· Hand Sanitizer

What outfit should we (parents) put on?

To match the overall theme of the shoot, plain light neutral-toned apparel such as white, light pink, brown, khaki, grey is recommended. Try to avoid outfits with distracting wordings or designs.

Should I feed my baby right before the session?

Being some of the hungriest creatures, newborns can be unforgiving when they aren’t adequately fed. Having a fussy baby during the session who refuses to be posed can cause parents to feel anxious and upset. Feeding and burping them right before the session helps your baby to be sleepy and happy!

If possible, try to time a feed just before you leave or on arrival at my place.

What are the amenities available?

Here’s a list of amenities provided in our air-conditioned home studio (Bukit Batok):

· Changing pad
· Bottle warmer
· Steam bottle sterilizer
· Hand sanitizer
· Baby wet wipes
· Baby shower tub

Can I request the shoot to be done at my place?

Yes, there will be an additional fee of $150 for the transportation of props/ photography equipment and traveling.

Can I request a refund in the event of a medical emergency?

In the event of unexpected circumstances such as a medical emergency, we may postpone or do a house call (there will be a house call fee of $150) subject to slot availability.

Should you will be unfit for a longer duration, we may need to review medical supporting documents such as a medical certificate, which states that you are unfit for duty.


What is the difference between basic retouch and a full retouch.

A basic retouch covers the following:

  • overall image exposure adjustment
  • restoring white balance

A full retouch covers the following in addition to the basic retouch:

  • uneven skin tone adjustment
  • skin flakes reduction
  • skin smoothening
  • shadow refining
  • backdrop smoothing

In most parts, retouching is localized which treats a specific area of an image such that unaffected areas can be left untouched.

Why are there so few images returned?

The approach of newborn photography is somewhat different from other types of photography. Unlike a conventional photoshoot such as weddings/models, newborns in a way ‘dictate’ the session; it is not uncommon to take more than an hour before having the first shot taken since pacifying/diaper changing is involved not to mention the number of attempts to pose the baby.

How do I receive the images?

Your images will be uploaded to a private gallery where you can view and download them.

When can I expect the pictures?

Typically, it takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks from the session day, picture selections to sending of the final edits.